LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01             Winter 2012 League Playoff                    

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


Finalists are:


Division A          [1822] Florian Pop                         [1696] Ben Almadovar

                           [1695] Paul Intagliata                      [1615] Ronald Morgan

                   5th    [1766] Leszek Kasowski


Division B          [1593] Tim Weyhreter                    [1528] Kan He

                           [1429] Dmitry Kuzmenko               [1420] Roger Fordan

                   5th    [1418] Andy Nguyen


Division C          [1394] Garik Arutyunyan                [1387] Mony Vu

                           [1347] David Amiel                        [1301] Philip Yin

                   5th    [1293] Stephen Harris


Division D          [1241] Michael Hernandez             [1234] Tony Diaz

                           [1134] Edward Wong                    [1092] Rafael Hernandez

                   5th    [1247] Justin Palumbo







Please arrive before 7:45 pm to check in. Matches will start at 8:00 pm.


NOTE:  If one of the top 4 players does not show up, the 5th player will enter the round robin.

FORMAT: 4-player round robin to decide position. No second round.


LBTTC League Committee    www.LongBeahTTC.org